Dear laser cut fans

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #50

It’s the 50th TLC roundup!

Above is a dollhouse dear from Ann Nguyen of Amazing Miniatures.

After the jump, fashion, an obscure reference to a old MTV show, and music …

Above is Alba Prat’s new collection, Digitalized features laser cut panels. See more at

As it turns out the above is not actually laser cut – Alba did the previous collection of Synthetic Ocean that was – you’ve probable seen it.

Does anyone remember that amazing MTV cartoon called The Head? This is another amazing work courtesy of Andrew F. Scott (not pictured).

Above a CD sleeve from Candyspotting.

Above is another very nice architectural model from ONEOFF.

Two other stories:
A video from Shandy Brown of his Kickstarter for his Catan Board.

And a video of a very cool bike light laser cut from acrylic by Jin Tsubota – so cool in fact that his bike was stolen.

Wooohoo made it on to the Ponoko blog!

Woo0Hoo you copied Cardboard Safari’s design

It’s not a copy, it’s a simulacra…

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