The world of at-home 3D printing comes together for the 3D Printing Event on Oct 25

part of Dutch Design Week

image above features Breathable Roots planter design by Kostika Spaho

Desktop manufacturing is rapidly gaining in popularity as hacker spaces, maker clubs, schools, homes, and even creative class companies buy increasingly affordable personal fabrication machines — most notably, consumer 3D printers.

The 3D Printing Event, held on Tuesday, October 25 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will gather several of the top names from the academic and business world of personal 3D printing to discuss and present on the central theme of 3D printing at home.

The day’s seminar will include talks from Ultimaker co-founder Erik de Bruijn, Origo co-founder Joris Peels, Marcelo Coelho of the MIT Media Labs exploration of Digital Gastronomy, Jeffrey Lipton of Cornell’s Fab@Home project, as well as representatives from Solidworks, Philips Design, Z Corporation and more.

In edition to the seminar, there will also be an exhibition and awards program for a 3D printing design competition.

The exhibition is free, but registration is required. Seminar tickets are €95, €25 for students. Register here.

The 3D Printing Event is part of Dutch Design Week, one of the world’s preeminent showcases of contemporary craft and design, and organized by market intelligence firm Jakajima.

Ponoko is an official mediapartner of the 3D Printing Event.

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