German maker scene comes together for Makerplatz

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Makerplatz, a festival of making, collaboration, and co-production, commenced yesterday in Berlin and runs through tomorrow, October 1.

Most of the workshops and activities take place tomorrow, include making a chair from a shipping pallet, playing nice games in public spaces, laser graffiti, political birdhouses, design thinking for start-ups, and more.

If you’re interested in the Basics of Soldering, be sure to register for that one.

Our friends at Formulor, our Berlin based laser-cutting hub, will also be cutting the winning design idea from yesterday’s digital design demo.

And the New Zealand/Germany connection doesn’t end there. Outdoor-only performers Charity Children, a duo from NZ, will be playing at the Potato Harvest Festival.

The Google translated description of the Potato Harvest hilariously reads:

Despite a season that was once again extremely unfavorable for the cultivation of potatoes, of course, we will celebrate again our now traditional potato harvest. Supported by Leif cook our food the tubers will miss this time a Nordic touch. As usual are rare and ancient varieties like the Red Emma, Blue Swede, Aeggeblomme, etc. Vitelotte fried, baked, boiled, mashed and otherwise got small.

So if you’re in Berlin, be sure to spend your Saturday at Makerplatz makin’ stuff, canning potatoes, and squeezing your own lemonade.

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