ShapeWright generates 3D models in your browser

ShapeWright website

Spaceships created with just a word

ShapeWright website

Ponoko forum readers may remember my tutorial for  ShipWright, the Blender addon that assembles spaceships from the Shipyard project. Although ShipWright was really cool, the setup process was a bit cumbersome, especially for new Blender users.

Now there’s a faster way: Dolf Veenvliet (aka macouno) has created a service called ShapeWright that uses WebGL to to generate the same spaceship models right there in your web browser.

After entering some text to create a 3D model, you have the option of buying a 3D print, or, downloading the model directly via the VRML link (lower-right corner of the page) and printing it yourself.

I was listening to the radio at the time, so I entered “CBC Radio” and printed the resulting spaceship on my MakerBot:

ShapeWright ship, just printed

ShapeWright ship, after support removal

The generated models tend to have overhangs, so you’ll need to print with support material as I have above.

Dolf says that the service is a proof of concept that may be expanded in the future to allow the creation and customization of other objects – including Entoforms.

You can download my ship at Thingiverse or, even better, make your own directly at the ShapeWright website:

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