Fashion imitates life, imitates art, imitates fashion.

The creators of EVE Online lovingly recreate fashion model Rick Genest in gripping detail.

As far as I’ve seen this is a first. CCP Games has created a highly detailed digital faccimile of the captivating fashion model Rick Genest aka ZombieBoy.

The model will be animated into an interactive runway show from designer Nicola Formichetti for New York’s Fashion Week. Users will view the digital avatar strutting the catwalk on a 7ft screen and will have control over some incredibly detailed high resolution outfits.

This kind of news always gives me futurist chills, imagining the Blade Runner universe we might be living in soon. When you can download and pose representations of actual human fashion models, try your outfits on a virtual human, and have an interactive fly-by camera of the catwalk, the future must be here.

Via Twistedlamb.

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