Objet’s giant multi-material 3D printed toddler

3D printed toddler

Perfect for medical training (and Halloween)

3D printed toddler

We last saw Objet on the blog when Taylor posted about their very durable folding chair. Now Objet is showing off their to-scale 3D printed toddler made from multiple materials in a single print:

3D printed toddler in someone's arms

The print is made possible with Object’s Connex line of printers, that can combine materials to create complete objects that contain rigid, flexible, opaque, and transparent portions. The biggest model also has a pretty generous build envelope – the toddler model is 48cm tall and weighs about 10kg! (It’s also a bit creepy.)

There’s no video of the toddler being printed, but this 2009 video demonstrates a Connex printer making several other multi-material items at once:

Objet will be demoing its printers and materials at TCT Live 2011 in the UK starting September 27th.

(From the Objet Blog, via Fabbaloo)

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What a truly magnificent piece of work. Who could’ve actually thought that we would be able to produce a skeleton from a printer. How long will it be until these are common place in homes?

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