Ground Zero: Before, After and Now

3d printed models provide unique visualisation of the WTC site

What happens when a detail-obsessed 3d printing and construction data guru turns his mind towards capturing the ongoing legacy of the events of 9/11?

The unique and poignant WTC Triptych installation from David Munson is diminutive in stature at only 17 x 17 inches for each model, yet each section packs in huge amounts of data with a minimum of poetic licence and an exceptional level of detail.

“There are many wonderful writings, photos and artwork that interpret 9/11. I think it’s also important to document the totality of it as objectively, realistically, and completely as possible.”

Numerous data sources were used to create the models including 2d satellite imagery, Google Earth, personal and sourced photographs and publicly available modelling data.

All this was carefully collated before being printed on a Z-Corp printer.
WTC Triptych is currently on display at the New York City Fire Museum in Manhattan’s Soho district.

source: Make Parts Fast