Brainwave manipulation, the open source house, 3D printed ceramic, and more — August top stories

the Blue Ribbon Roundup — our 10 most read stories of the month

The Ponoko blog was bumpin’ this month! Our #1 story this month comes from DIY electronics blogger Rich Decibles who wrote about one his projects that will blow your mind — literally.

Stories #2, #3, and #5 are all about everyone’s new favorite way to make stuff — 3D printing. Another popular topic was CNC Routing, the focus of 3 of our top 10. Get the top news in digital fabrication and take a look at this month’s Blue Ribbon Roundup.

1. Rich Decibels disrupts brainwaves using an Arduino

DIY electronics project for audio-visual brain entrainment

2. Setting up the UP! 3D printer

Set-up video of the pre-assembled, desktop 3D printer from PP3DP

3. New material: Glazed Ceramic for 3D printing YEAH!

3D printing with your Personal Factory just got food safe

4. Laser cut corridor system for tabletop gaming

Create indoor scenarios or your favorite game.

5. Artist uses haptic devices to create otherworldly sculpture

Artist and jewelry designer Farah Bandookwala uses haptic devices to virtually shape her beautiful and bizarre sculptures.

6. Prototyping Party!! — FREE cardboard starts now!

FREE cardboard from Ponoko for all your prototyping needs. Ends Sept 22.

7. WikiHouse — the open source house

Download plans to CNC mill and assemble a house.

8. Arduino for beginners, SparkFun ProtoSnap

Pre-wired boards make it even easier to get your Arduino groove on.

9. CNC routing helps surfing become more sustainable

Beautiful bamboo and paulownia CNC cut surfboard uses honeycomb pattern for style and function.

10. Halftone pictures drawn by CNC

Giant photo-based portraits CNC cut using halftone patterns.