New materials: more polypropylenes for NZ

new colors, new thicknesses

Our achromatic selection of polypropylenes in the NZ materials catalog has gotten a shot of color and a shot of metallic — plus new thicknesses!

We’ve now got a bright tomato Red in 0.8mm (0.031″) and 1.4mm (0.055″) AND a brushed Silver in a 0.8mm thickness.

There are two new thicknesses for Black, 1mm (0.039″) and 1.4mm (0.055″); two new thicknesses for Clear, 0.4mm (0.015″) and 1.4mm; and those same two new thicknesses for White.

Polypropylene is a flexible plastic with a matte finish on both sides. It’s great for lamp shades, stationery, cutting mats, and packaging. It’s also good for hinges and can be heat welded. Enjoy!

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