New materials: purple tint acrylic + birch plywood

high style + high grade

We’ve got two new materials at the Ponoko US hub for your lasercut Personal Factory projects! Check it out:

Purple Tint Acrylic
Take a look at Purple Tint Acrylic — our latest addition to our wide range of colorful, laser-cuttable plastics.

The translucent grape color is perfect for jewelry designs and posh looking home accessories. Order a sample of our new Purple Tint Acrylic for $2.50.

Birch Plywood
We’ve added a high-grade Birch Plywood in 2 thicknesses: 1.5mm/0.06″ and 3mm/0.125″ This material is great for wood construction projects like model boats and airplanes, jewelry, and small home items.

You can order a sample of our new Birch Plywood for just $3. And check out these projects people have made with plywood using their Personal Factory.

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Finally, birch plywood… I’ve been waiting so long for this! Thanks Ponoko!

These posts REALLY need to say which hub they’re available at…

//disappointed again its not NZ…

Kristen Turner

Sorry Madox. I’ve updated the post to let people know its US. Will be sure to call it out at the beginning of new material posts.


This is great news! The more materials the better. 🙂

One side note, on the website it only lists pricing for the P1 size of the birch (in the two thicknesses). Is this only offered in the P1 size or has the information just not made it to the website yet? Thanks, Ponoko!

I’m wondering about the price myself. Is $15USD for a 1.5mm P1 sized birch ply the correct price?

    Hi Ann & Otto!

    We’re only able to source and provide thin birch ply in P1 size at present, and that is the actual cost for it.


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