Tired Of Overexposed Celebrities? Auto-Mute Your TV With This Arduino Project

Silence On-Demand

Enough Already is an awesome DIY electronics project/device that auto-mutes your TV on whatever keyword you set.

When a keyword is received via the closed captions, which are broadcast along with the video signal, the TV is muted for 30 seconds. If a keyword is again received during the 30 second mute, there’s another 30 seconds of mute time, ensuring you won’t have to hear about anything you’re sick of.

The project combines an Arduino board and a Video Experimenter Shield while using a mashup of pre-existing code plus a few lines of custom code from project creator Matt Richardson.

This video explains the project and provides all the hyperlink resources you need to make and customize your own version of the Enough Already.

If you’re new to DIY electronics or Arduino and want to learn more, check out our Arduino guide to help you get started.

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