Laser cut corridor system for tabletop gaming

Create indoor scenarios for your favorite game.

Dr. Offset designed this modular corridor system for 15mm scale gaming. He designed it in Inkscape before using our very own Ponoko Personal Factory for the laser cutting. The system can readily be used for any type of scenario from fantasy to sci-fi. He even made door pieces, which you can see in the images below.

Dr. Offset has also used laser cutting to make gaming proxies, which we mentioned in an earlier post. Keep reading past the jump for more images.

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Joe DnDer

This is extremely lame.

I think this is awesome! You could also use it as an alternative to Space Hulk.

“This is extremely lame” is in the Twitter era what passes for informed opinion–sadly.

Why is it lame? How is it extreme? If you are unwilling or unable to provide proofs for your assertion why did you post your comment?

The “I think it awesome” comment provides some justification via the example of an alternate use with Space Hulk. So in that respect even though it is Twitter-like it has redeeming qualities.

For me the project appeals to those players who desire a tactile version of mapping. Pushing figures around on a piece of graph paper can be less than thrilling.

Even if we stick with graph paper and pen drawings I could appreciate the use of the door tokens. It’s a bit unclear whether they exist, judging only by the photos, but I would like to have some open door tokens that can be swap for the closed door after the players have successfully done their “door macro” (listened for bad guys, detected traps, etc.).

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