GE 3D prints your ideas for its Air Show

GE Air Show: Sea Plane

Flying toasters ahoy!

GE is putting together a miniature air show on its Facebook page and wants you to decide how to populate the tiny landscape. As Gian Pablo posted on the MakerBot blog, they’re looking for “sketches, mockups or just your brilliant idea”.

Each of the models created or used are being made available on Thingiverse, for folks to download and 3D print themselves. These are the three models designed directly from user feedback so far:

Sea Plane
GE Air Show: Sea Plane
Object source:

Flying Toaster
GE Air Show: Flying Toaster
Object source:

B2 Spirit
GE Air Show: B2 Spirit
Object source:

I printed the B2 Spirit model on my MakerBot Cupcake earlier today:
GE Air Show: My B2 Spirit
(The wings came out a bit rough, but not too bad.)

GE is currently looking for ideas of what non-flying models could be added, so if you’re feeling creative, leave a comment on their Facebook page or send an email directly to

Derek Quenneville is a 3D printing evangelist who posts weekly on the Ponoko blog. Follow him on Twitter @techknight.

Interesting. Makerbot once used the motto, “Seizing the means of production!” Presumably seizing it from megacorps like GE. So what is GE’s relationship with MakerBot Industries? Has GE bought them yet or just bought a Thing-O-Matic? Sounds like GE wants a piece of the desktop manufacturing market.

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