DIY without owning the tools — Dale Dougherty of MAKE interviews Ponoko CEO David Ten Have

talkin’ robots, 3D printing, and on-demand manufacturing to the masses

Ponoko’s David ten Have sat down with Dale Dougherty, founder and publisher of Make magazine, to talk about Personal Factory — a distributed and on-demand manufacturing system available to anyone.

David talks about how the Personal Factory platform works (how Ponoko makes your stuff, where Ponoko makes your stuff, and what you can make stuff from), but more importantly he discusses with Dale the importance of bringing on-demand manufacturing tools to the masses.

“You can make almost anything you want, anywhere you are. You don’t need a big lab, a maker space, hacker space, fab lab…” says Dale. “You could do this on a computer, press a button, and have it delivered to you…”

“Exactly. And that’s the exciting thing that has emerged over the past four or five years,” explains David. “[We’ve] started to bring these tools online. So that means you can have your own virtual factory, your own Personally Factory, that you run from your computer. And the parts turn up, just like books turn up from online stores.”

Many of Ponoko’s customers don’t just use their Personal Factory to make one-off designs. Several small businesses, from jewelry designers to toy makers to providers of custom housing for DIY electronics, run on Personal Factory.

Interested in designing and making your own stuff? Learn more about Personal Factory and sign up for yours, free.

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