More features for the QR_STENCILER

It is finished and ready for download.

In an earlier post we mentioned the QR_STENCILER, a program which generates vector-based stencil patters suitable for laser cutting from QR codes. One application of this software is the digital hobo codes mentioned in that post, but it can also be used to make stencils for any other QR codes.

Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) recently released version 1.1, the final update, with some new features. It is available for free download from github. Here’s what they added:

Options allowing both black-on-white and white-on-black (“reverse”) stenciling;
A graphical user interface with checkboxes and sliders from the ControlP5 library;
Rounded corner options (including both circular arcs and Bezier curves);
Precompiled executables for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux;
Vector path simplification for improved lasercutting.

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Yet another cool gadget.

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