Surreal 3d Architecture mods

Skylines and streetscapes in fantastical transformation

For Victor Enrich, the built environment is a conceptual playground where the imagination roams free.

An expert in 3d architectural visualization, these striking compositions show local (mostly in Tel Aviv, Israel) landmarks bursting from within the confines of their rectilinear and physical law-abiding realities.

The process involves taking photographic studies of the target building, and then constructing 3d models which are manipulated to become one with the original image.  

Each composition is supported by a short description that outlines why Victor chose to distort the form in a particular way. Responding to a building’s physical presence, or commenting on its social or cultural significance, are but a few ways that he finds direction for these creations.

If you like what you see, be sure to head to Victor’s website where there are many more architectural delights to be found…

Victor Enrich via Solidsmack

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