Arduino: Android And Ethernet

More Goodies For Arduino

Where would the DIY scene be without Arduino? That nifty little all-in-wonder has lifted the stakes once again, with two fantastic new additions to the open source hardware platform that runs so many of our favorite creations.

The first feature that’s got more than a few makers excited is an onboard Ethernet jack. This added connectivity is likely to empower a whole new generation of web-enabled devices, and there is even an optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) module to further reduce cable clutter and get all your hardware talking.

The second noteworthy addition is a board for the Android Open Accessory Development Kit, an add-on that allows Arduino-powered devices to become a part of the Google juggernaut via any Android device when in “accessory mode.”

Both of these are available for purchase now, either bundled together in kit form or as individual modules. Use our Arduindo guide to pair them up with some Ponoko laser cutting or 3D printing, and there are sure to be fun times ahead.

via Engadget

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