Z Corp prints a wrench

It works, it’s real… and this guy is really excited.


For most of us hovering around in the Ponoko community, the concept of 3d printed mechanical devices isn’t exactly new. Not to say that it isn’t still very, very cool (and it does get us excited), but chances are you’ve seen it before.

For those who haven’t, watch the video above where David Kaplan from Johns Hopkins University can barely contain himself when Z Corp demonstrates a fully functional 3d printed wrench.

David’s energy is quite infectious, as he discovers the potential that Z Corp’s technology brings. But it’s not only the printing that caught my attention – that 3d scanner being wielded by the Z Corp techie probably deserves an excited outburst all of its own.

In summary: I agree with David. 3d printing is awesome, and it should be in every spaceship.

via Kottke.org

* UPDATE* David has put together this explanatory response video, addressing the flood of questions that followed his film shoot about both the scanning process and the real-world strength of the printed part.
It seems like he has been copping a bit of flak! Thanks for the update, David. In our opinion, the original clip is still a great snapshot of what can be achieved using current 3d printing technology.

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