A marvelous automatic scribe from Chris Eckert

Chris Eckert’s sculpture “Auto Scribe” has the patience of a saint, transcribing a medieval bible like a friar of yore.

You may recall a piece we did on Chris Eckert’s automated tattoo machine a few months back. His latest piece “Auto Scribe” is set to be even more breathtaking.
So far the machine consists of three pens, a gaggle of stepper motors, and a plethora of tubes and wires that serve to ink, power, and direct the mechanisms.  It’s not too dissimilar from a standard plotter in organization, using a stepper controlled spool to manipulate the paper for the Y axis, and moving the pen gantry with a worm drive to control the X.

Watching the progress of the project is wonderful. It’s amazing seeing the details and documentation as the whole machine comes together. I can’t wait until it’s finished. You can track the development of the “Auto Scribe” on Chris Eckert’s blog, and see more of his work on his site.

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