One coffee cup a day!

One coffee cup a day

One project thats pushing the design boundaries of the humble coffee cup…

One coffee cup a day

On my weekly web trawl for cool 3D print projects and news, I found this interesting project. One coffee cup a day by design agency cunicode.

Too often product designers take their work too seriously (with the likes of Philippe Starck, Droog Design, etc as notable exceptions) So I find the sense of humour and creativity embodied in this project quite refreshing. Some cups are more conceptual than others and there is definitely varying levels of usability, but overall it makes a great set. I particularly like the faceted low res polygon cup. cunicode has also provided Rhinocerous3D and 3DS Max template files for you to customise and upload your own coffee cups. More images after the jump


Day 21 Siamese Cup


Day 9 Low Resolution Cup


Day 7 Champions Coffee Cup

David is an industrial designer from New Zealand. He contributes weekly 3D print articles for Ponoko. You can follow him on Twitter @dizymac

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In one of my Industrial Design classes we had to design a coffee cup, how funny! Cool designs!

I like the siamese cup!

Can I print these with ponoko?

Kristen Turner

Hi Ben. These particular cups can be purchased by clicking the various links on this page:

But, if you scroll down you’ll see links to download template files under “Design Your Own.” Unfortunately, Ponoko does not currently offer glazed ceramic material for use with your Personal Factory.

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