CNC mill and Sixaxis controller

Game on! Wireless CNC thanks to PS3 Sixaxis

If you’re anything like Darrell, you enjoy getting hands-on when it comes to playing with your EMC2 CNC machine.

The following clip shows how he used a simple program called QtsixA to enable a PS3 Sixaxis controller to wirelessly manipulate his CNC machine.

To make a super easy and cheap wireless control pendant for your EMC2 machine, all you need to do is install QtsixA and set up your controller as a mouse and keyboard.

Beyond the novelty of becoming one step closer to a merging of man and machine, this application has real practical value because it elevates a rather modest CNC unit into a versatile, finely controlled tool. What does this mean? The affordable version now boasts features that would otherwise only be available in high-end (and high-cost) devices.  

Fantastic stuff. If there was a playstation in my lab, I’m not sure that the CNC machine would be getting much action…

dammitdarrell via Engadget

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This is flippin’ cool! I can imagine gamer kids controlling CNCs and 3D printers like this and creating a whole bunch of weird new things.

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