Ponoko customer taps and clinks our 3D printed material samples

Totally non-scientific “drop & hear” test

Ponoko customer Jon posted this short and sweet video of putting our range of 3D printed material samples to the “totally non-scientific drop & hear test”.

Listen to the sounds of 3D printed durable plastic, superfine plastic, rainbow ceramic, stainless steel, and gold plated stainless steel.

They may just be clinks, but it gives you an idea of the weight of each material. Jon notes, “I’m amazed just how solid the printed steel feels.”

Wanna clink some of your own 3D printed material samples?
You can pick up a sample pack or buy them individually at the Sample Shop!

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To be able to imagine the future monetary value of your test, you should also tell us on which surface this test was performed.

You can bank on it that most counter surfaces you want to hear that kind of sounds on are melamine or formica.

That way we can repeat the tests at home with coins to clearly distinguish between a range of sounds from a penny dropping to the more desireable “ka-ching” sound.

Ceramics would be completely non-scientific, since the clincks might just floor us all. 🙂

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