DIY Hemoglobin

Todd McFarlane Toys and 3D studio Steffen VFX team up to bring microscopic molecules to the macroscopic world.

What do you get when you enlarge a Hemoglobin molecule 725,715,734 times? You get this intricate nebulous sculpture, as the folks at Steffen VFX have demonstrated.

It all started when the team over at Steffen were introduced to David Gittleman of McFarlane Toys. After connecting over comic books they realized they had something more significant in common. Steffen primarily does medical illustration and animation. This usually involves taking scanned data from MRI’s and x-ray crystallography and bringing it into 3d – more or less taking physical objects and turning them into computer models. The folks at McFarlane have made a flourishing business out of making physical versions of fictitious characters. So, that’s when they got thinking about combining their powers. More after the jump.

Using the 3D printing workflow that McFarlane’s perfected along with Steffen’s scan data they were able to produce this alluring sculpture. Their massive molecule was created using an InVision XT (which uses a method much similar to our own Projet process).

You can find the story in full detail on Steffen VFX’s blog.