Personal Factory™ 5 introduces CNC routing!

O.M.G!! We now have CNC!!

Rout your heart out folks; we’ve got C to the N to the C.

And by that we mean you can now create things with CNC routing using your Personal Factory — BIG things! It also means 4 new making materials!

And to match our BIG new making tech, we’ve got a BIG promotion for ya:
The first 10 people to make with CNC could get their project made for FREE!*

*We will refund CNC orders up to $100 for the first 10 people.

To be one of the first 10 people to receive the refund you must:
A) place a CNC order through your Personal Factory; and
B) upload your design and images of the final, assembled project to your Personal Factory showroom.

The first 10 people to complete both steps A and B will receive a refund on their order up to $100.

To qualify for this promotion, your shipping address must be within the continental US.

Get all the gritty grainy details on making with CNC after the jump.

We are currently offering 2 axis CNC routing from Ponoko USA hub.

This gives you control over the X and Y axis while the Z axis has 3 depth level options. You can cut down into your material at 25%, 50%, or 75% of the total depth of your material.

To create your CNC design, you can use any of the 2D design templates for Inkscape, Illustrator & CorelDraw.

New materials for CNC routing include MDF, plywood, Baltic birch, and vinyl coated MDF.

Each of these CNC materials is available in 2 sizes: P5 is 47″ x 47″ (1193mm x 1193mm) and P4 is 23″ x 47″ (584mm x 1193mm).

Due to shipping requirements, the largest piece of work than can be produced is 23″ x 47″ (584mm x 1193mm) or 34″ x 34″ (863mm x 863mm).

That also means we will not be shipping the waste material from your CNC designs. Everything that is still attached to the outer border of material will be discarded from your order. Everything that is left behind on the bed of the router will be boxed and shipped to you.

CNC orders will typically take between one and two weeks to make. Shipping will depend on your location, but will generally be between one day and one week.

We have making hubs on both the east and west coasts of the USA to minimize the shipping costs and times as much as possible.

The cost of your CNC project will depend on the size and complexity of your design as well as which materials you choose. Creating your own designs with CNC may mean you have to pay more than you would for a mass-produced item at retail, but you’ll have a one-of-a-kind item that you created yourself.

To give you an idea of what a CNC project might cost, that handsome roomy chair pictured above cost about $200 with both making and materials. The lovely side table cost about $88 including making and materials.

But your first CNC project could be FREE. We’re refunding the first 10 people to make with CNC up to $100 per order per person.

So go get making with CNC!

New to all this digital making business? Let us explain how it all works.

Need some pointers on designing? Check out our 2D design tips.

Want more details on our CNC capabilities? Take a look at our CNC FAQ.

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… I hope 3-axis is in the works…

    There is still a LOT of stuff in the works – we’re getting to where we want to be one step at a time, and every step is awesome. =)

no CNC NZ hub ;-(

    Hi Guy and Matua,

    Because of our networks in the USA it’s been easiest for us to roll out CNC there first. Our overall plan is to offer you as many types of making in as many places in the world as we can – which *naturally* includes New Zealand. =)

    It’s all just a matter of time, and we truly appreciate your patience.

Will this be coming to NZ as well?


Great advance guys!
My wish is for smaller scale CNC routing of aluminium blocks (in my case approx 150x100x50mm). I have an application for this and the local CNC shops charge the earth for stuff like this. Just sayin… 🙂


Does this mean CNC milled PCBs might be coming in the future?


Would you entertain larger CNC pieces if we could pick them up? Im right down the street from your west coast hub and some of the stuff I’d be interested in doing would be more along the lines of the size of a standard sheet of ply.

Hi Catherine!

Our west coast CNC making locatione is actually located separately to our Oakland office.

At this stage we’re going to stick with shipped only, and within the size restrictions provided. Moving ahead we’ll consider a wider range of options. =)

Am I misunderstanding or can bamboo be milled as well?

Gregory Kampjes

Why is this all for the USA?

Ponoko need to get back to their NZ roots and introduce some of this stuff for us Kiwis!

To be honest though, I wouldn’t use the routing services, US$88 for a little chair is a bit much, especially when I could make it myself for free, with little to no cost for materials. I do however, understand that out there are some people who don’t have access to routers and aren’t very good at building things. (Upon saying that, it’s still probably cheaper to buy a router and make it yourself.)

Hi Gregory!
As I mention above, due to the networks and large customer base we have in the USA it’s been easiest for us to add new elements to our service there first – prior to rolling them out around the world – which naturally will include New Zealand.
You’re absolutely right about many people (most people) not having easy access to CNC routers, and so this new part of our service will be perfect for those people who want to make larger projects and products without high minimum costs.

You mentioned a making hub in the east coast. Where is it exactly? Also, does this east code hub also include laser cutting and 3d printing, or is it only cnc at this time?

Hi Ann!
The east coast making hub is currently CNC only, and based in Georgia.

Kristen Turner

Go Georgia.

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