The World’s Smallest 3d printer?

One step closer to the 3d printer for everybody

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have been busy working away at producing a 3d printer that is smaller, lighter and cheaper than any that has come before.

It has taken the combined efforts of mechanical engineers and a team from the chemical research laboratory to develop this unique additive manufacturing device.

One of the features that sets the TU Vienna printer apart from other options floating about is the remarkably high resolution it can achieve. The LED light source is able to create build layers that are one twentieth of a millimetre thick. This fine tolerance is already catching the attention of the medical industry, and the developers are working on making both the machine and its output even smaller.

So how small is this thing, really? Click through to see for yourself.      

Markus Hatzenbichler and Klaus Stadlmann with their micro-printer:

This prototype only cost 1200 Euros, and is barely larger than a carton of milk.
Things are bound to get interesting when the DIY guys get their hands on one of these…

TU Vienna via Engadget

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