Ponoko co-founder Derek Elley interviewed at thinq_

“…bringing distributed manufacturing, ultimately, into the home.”

UK news site thinq_ recently published an interview with our own Derek Elley.

In the interview, Elley talks about Ponoko’s roots as a software company. “We could have set out and set up another company doing time-management software, or another bit of accounting software, or another piece of e-mail software — but we didn’t do that,” he says.

Instead, Elley and co-founder David ten Have decided to challenge the traditional manufacturing model by building a new platform that would let people create things when they needed them, where they needed them.

Ponoko connected this platform, Personal Factory, to some digital fabrication tech — initially lasercutters and later, 3D printers — but as Elley notes “We see this as being somewhat more fundamental than any one technology.”

The big dream? “…bringing distributed manufacturing, ultimately, into the home.” “That’s exactly what the software is built for,” Elley told thinq_

Hop over to thinq_ to read the full interview and check out a few great photos of what Ponoko makers have created.

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