3D Printed flat pack dragonfly

Thingiverse user Neophyte shows off the advantages of multi-part 3d printing.I’m a big advocate of using manufacturing procedures to their best advantage. Each procedure, be it FDM printing, sintered steel, laser cutting acrylic, comes with its own virtues and vices. FDM doesn’t allow for watertight parts or hefty overhangs, sintered steel has visible manufacturing artifacts on its surface, and laser cut acrylic contains invisible stress lines from the heat of cutting, making it prone to shattering. However, the advantages of each process are obvious, not the least being the WYSIWYG nature of digital manufacture.

That’s why I’m so happy with this Flat Pack Dragonfly model up on Thingiverse.  The key to its delicate structure is that all its parts are printed flat then assembled, using the stringy structure of FDM models to its advantage.

So, Ponoko people, don’t forget you can print and assemble as easily as printing whole structures.

via: Makerbot Blog

Halifax Copter

Excellent use of a Stanley knife blade for scale. I’m gonna start doing that. A bit more edgy than a coin. 😉

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