New lasercut materials at Vectorealism

3 new summer colors of Italian leather + new poplar plywood thickness

Our Milano fabbing partners at Vectorealism have updated their materials catalog with three new lovely leathers and a new thickness of poplar ply.

There’s a new Orange vegetable tanned Tuscan leather — perfect for a summer satchel.

A sunshiney Yellow vegetable tanned Tuscan leather that raster engraves really beautifully.

And a lovely Honey vegetable tanned Tuscan leather — the lightest shade of their 4 brown leathers.

Each of these leathers start at just over $7 for a p1 sheet (181x181mm; aprox 7×7″).

Plus, the popular Poplar plywood is now available in a 5mm thickness. Only 99 cents for a p1 sheet!

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