Current top 3 customization ideas for I Want It Customized! contest

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Just one weekend into our I Want It Customized! contest, and we’ve already got 25 excellent ideas. Take a look at the 3 most popular ideas so far:

1. Flat pack house or a slice form camper shell for my toyota tacoma
Inspired by an Atlanta community project to provide shelter for the homeless, Ressie wants a customizable camper shed for her truck.
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2. My Clip-IT board
Looking for an on-the-go writing surface, GPD suggests a customizable clipboard that has a section to attach a Post-It notepad and a pen.
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3. Moleskine-size notebook with pages I’d like in it
Tired of being limited to just one kind of paper, tterb’s idea is a customizable notebook. Choose your own combo of blank, lined, and graph paper.
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Do you have a great idea for a customizable product? Let’s hear it.

And don’t forget to vote on your favorite ideas. The 3 ideas with the most votes will win some mighty fine prizes.

The contest closes Wednesday, May 11th at 10pm Pacific Time.
Full contest details HERE.

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