A look at all the bits and pieces

Todd McLellan’s stunning photography of disassembled products

A big part of DIY is that burning desire to know what makes things tick. As children, many of us would happily lose ourselves for hours as we dissected every gadget and gizmo we could get our hands on… and luckily for the DIY movement, some people never quite grew out of this behaviour.

It’s all a little different when photographer Todd McLellan does his thing. Turning disassembly into an art form, he meticulously arranges the components of everyday objects in this series of stunning photographs.   

Each carefully composed piece is complemented by a chaotic exploded version, and somehow together these two dramatically different images convey both the complexity and ingenuity that is so much a part of product design.

Click through for more products laid bare, including a great time lapse clip of Todd in action.

Todd McLellan via SwissMiss