Be your own souvenir with Kinect

Kinect hack turns tourists into miniature treasures

Be Your Own Souvenir is the lastest in a growing collection of hacks made possible by the versatile Kinect and then brought to life through the wonders of open source 3d printing.

Tourists in Barcelona’s La Rambla strip were invited to perform as a human statue, and in return they received a personal souvenir – a 3d printed figure of themselves, miniaturised thanks to BlablabLAB.

More than merely purveyors of a tremendously witty name, these guys have been working their Repman printer pretty hard for this engaging public project. The 3d printer receives data (via a little processing using Blender) from three Kinects and in no time an everyday passer-by is immortalised alongside the more established human statues that La Rambla is famous for.

Click through for a video of the process in action.  

The project mimics the informal artistic context of this popular street, human sculptures and craftsmen, bringing diverse realities and enabling greater empathy between the agents that cohabit in the public space.

BlablabLAB’s Be Your Own Souvenir via Engadget