Ornamental laser cutting

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #23

Hey, Sam here. I’m back collecting this week’s posts from The Laser Cutter!

Starting off the theme of pattern and ornament is a work from artist Wim Delvoye courtesy of extrabox.

After the jump a pillow, a printing plate, a piece of Mars and NLC Design #6.

Above is laser cut felt and hand stitched to a throw pillow from Emma Ricketts.

Above is a printers plate from Denise Bookwalter for one of her artist books.

Above is a laser cut acrylic piece from Mikael Johansson.

Above is Laser cut topographic model of a spot on mars from our friend Jared Tarbell.

Above is a work of laser cut paper from Ellie Foster.

Above is NLC Design #6 Hakuchi.

Thanks for the mention, but the printer plate shown is not by me. It was made by Denise Bookwalter for one of her artist books.

I’ve posted a set of images from my visiting artist stay at SCAP on Flickr. It features extensive examples of printing blocks made with laser cutting:


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