Meet David, our new 3d printing contributor!

Welcome to one of our new Ponoko blog team members…
David, 3d Printing Contributor

Hi I’m David, I’m ¬†one of the new 3d print contributors for Ponoko. I live in Wellington, New Zealand – where I work in industrial design. I have experience 3d printing in some of my work for the film industry at Weta Workshop. I’m very enthusiastic about 3d printing technology and potential applications. When I’m not behind a computer screen juggling geometry, I try to get out hiking (we call it tramping in this part of the world), mountain biking or on some other adventure.

I hope to explore and share many aspects of 3d printing, including:

  • News & developments in 3d printing.
  • Interesting designs being 3d printed by people around the world.
  • Materials and various printing processes.
  • Looking into product design principals and techniques you can apply to your designs.
  • Interviews with people using 3d printing.
  • Tutorials on various 3d software packages.

Most of all – I hope to encourage people who haven’t yet used 3d printing to try it out. Personal Factory is available through Ponoko and allows users access to a highly liberating fabrication process. There is a little more work involved making 3d print files compared with laser cutting, but it is still easy for anyone with a little time, patience and 3d software.

3 Responses to “Meet David, our new 3d printing contributor!”

  1. Guy Blashki Says:

    Welcome David!
    I’ll try as hard as I can not to mistake you with this guy!

    Seriously, though… it is great to have you on board and I look forward to seeing what you bring to the mix here at Ponoko.

  2. David McGahan Says:

    Haha, I didn’t know about that guy until I saw a clip a few years ago on youtube! Cheers, its good to be here.

  3. Yana Says:

    Welcome to Ponoko!