24 hrs left to enter! Win a free copy of Repper & create repeat patterns super easily!

entries close 16 March at 10p.m. PST

Complex repeat patterns aren’t easy to make. In fact, I practically got my degree in creating repeat patterns by hand and with crazy expensive textile design software.

But no more do you need a BFA in textile design and access to crazy expensive software to make awesome repeat patterns — all thanks to Repper.

This little ditty, (by which I mean software app) creates a near-infinite range of repeat patterns based on any source image.

It’s pretty cool, and for proof you can read our introduction to the Repper tool or try out a free demo.

What’s even cooler is that we’re giving away 5 free copies of Repper, courtesy of Repper developers Studio:Ludens.

Coolest of all? Entering is almost as easy as using Repper.

All you have to do is tell us how you would use a Repper repeat pattern with a Ponoko made project.

But enter right now, ’cause this contest is closing soon!

Get the full details and leave your entry comment at the original contest announcement.

UPDATE: For anyone that had trouble leaving a comment on the original contest announcement. I have fixed the problem!

If you left a comment on this post, I have copied it to the original contest announcement so your entry is still valid.

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Converting Repper’s repeat graphics to vector … this could be brilliant for creating subtle (or obvious) interest in large areas of otherwise plain raster etching. Some added depth & detail.

Hi, I’m not gonna make absurd statements about how this software will change my life. But Repper looks dope and as a member of the Ponoko tribe and a designer who strives to “push design forward” I can confidently state that I will exploit Repper in every way possible for amazing results. Implementing it into my workflow will result in both 2D and 3D design that will invoke curiosity and provoke the viewer to give the design a second glance. Thank you.

oh yeah, I couldn’t add a comment to the orig post.

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