Mixing design files for 3D printing like a DJ mixes sound

3D printed Gangsta meme & model mash-ups

After checking out MakerBot at this year’s SXSW, Fast Company wrote about an inside joke that originated from a file posted on Thingiverse.

Thingiverse, as you may know, is one of the most popular places for product design file sharing.

Anyway, MakerBot’s webmaster Marty McGuire tells Fast Company that one day, a file was uploaded of a 3D model of a guy in a hoodie called the Gangsta.

Then someone downloaded and tweaked the file, creating “an unholy chimera” from the body of the Gangsta and the head from another file of a snake model, calling the new model the Snakesta.

You can read about the other model mash-ups people started creating, including one that pees in a model of Duchamp’s Fountain, over at the Fast Company post.

What’s great about this little joke, besides the awesome file names, is that it’s a perfect example of mixing and sampling digital design files *for 3D objects* the same way people mix digital music files.

via FastCompany