Ceramic 3D Printing at Unfold~fab

clay goes digital

It’s been just over a year since Belgian design studio Unfold 3D printed their first successful ceramic vessel on a RepRap.

Since then, their blog Unfold~fab has chronicled their experiments with 3D printed ceramics including clay materials, printing methods, and a personal fabrication interface the studio developed for last year’s L’Artisan Electronique installation.

Unfold~fab is a wealth of practical information and intriguing visual documentation of one of history’s oldest crafts meeting today’s technological potential.

Below is a video of the Virtual Pottery Wheel interface which allows a user to virtually shape a virtual pot on a virtual wheel.

Earlier this year, ceramic artist Jonathan Keep contributed an informative post on the qualities of various ceramic materials for 3D printing — extremely useful for anyone wanting to try ceramic 3D printing out for themselves.

Below: fired 3D printed ceramics in porcelain, blended buff stoneware, ball clay, red terracotta, and black firing clay; modeled in 3D program Blender

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