Printing Humans

Another glimpse of our 3d printed future:
YOU are the shape of things to come

Every now and then, we come across scientists determined to use digital manufacturing technologies to make better humans. Or at least, to make humans better.

Over at Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Laboratory they take this pursuit very seriously. Instead of the regular printed output being made from plastics, these guys have been exploring the potential for the machines we know and love to print in biological material.

The above clip shows an ear being printed, and among other tests under way at Cornell are the manufacture of heart valves and intervertibral discs.

It’s still early days for the printed human, but progress moves quickly when the guys in white coats tackle a problem head-on.

So what’s the prediction for you and me? Apparently within 20 years, this technology will be mainstream. Keep your ears peeled…

BBC via Engadget

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