4 New Leather Flavors

We just added 4 new delicious flavors of leather to the USA catalog, Dark Brown, Auburn, Tan and Black. They are 2.5mm/0.098″ in thickness and are vegetable tanned meaning no chemicals were harmed in the making of this leather.

Great for making belts, picture frames, hand bags, book binding, carving, stamping.

Hint – Laser cutting holes in your pattern and pieces can be stitched neatly by hand.

Collect them all.

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This is awesome does it have the same flexibility as the upholstery weight leather? Is it possible to get the upholstery weight leather in different colors.

Dan Emery

The vege tanned leathers are stiffer and thicker than the upholstery leather.

It is possible to get another upholstery leather color as a Material Request.

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