A Rose is a Rose, but What is the Ideal Digital Fab Lab?

{ a poem }

Thomas Modeen of smArchitecture sent over this poem he wrote about the ideal digital fabrication lab.

What would the optimal Digital Fabrication Lab be made of..?

Perhaps of Lasers that splice, or 3D printers real nice..?

Maybe it should be an assembly of Machines that Sinter,
Glue, and cure — to make objects Very precise and pure…

Perchance it should use bits that are small, to build things most tall..?

Or be conceivably conceived by a designer,
to make a wedding-ring, or even a diner..?

Could it use Software & Hardware with Buildware in a most excellent way, to make a Thing that Saves the Day..?

What would the ideal DF Lab me made of..?

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