3D Modeling in Your Browser

A new free modeling tool in development.

Disappointed with the options currently available, Benjamin Nortier has decided to make his own 3D modeling application. It sounds like an overwhelming project for one person, but his work so far is impressive. This is how he describes his goals for the program:

  • Accessible. It is open source and permissive so it will be accessible in terms of price and you can use it in your company. It runs in a standards-based browser so it will be accessible in term of device and operating system. It must be able to run in a school in a rural village with limited internet connectivity.
  • Powerful. It must be built on a strong solid geometry foundation that uses boundary representation (BRep) to represent solid models. These models are mathematically complex and support advanced geometry operations, which is good for adaptability and longevity of the tool.
  • Modern. What I mean by modern is that it must be internet-ready, it must have a RESTful API to allow others to integrate into their systems, and allow innovation. It must be part of, or lead to, an open ecosystem.

For a more detailed look at his project, read his thorough blog post.

Via Shapeways

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