Esper Dominoes Topple All By Themselves

Tangible Manipulation of Wirelessly Linked Objects

From the IAMAS Ubiqutous Interaction Research Group in Japan comes these nifty techno-dominoes.

Each block is capable of deciding which of its fellow blocks to knock over next. They do this by communicating wirelessly, thanks to internal zigbee radios. Once a block has received the signal to fall, it sends a message to the next block and so the process continues. Click through for a video where several permutations are demonstrated, and a glimpse of the potential of this application is revealed.  

Before you start asking “why only five”, just remember that the Esper Dominoes were produced as a work-in-progress for an exhibition at AXIS gallery in Japan.
It would be great to see these turn into a real product before too long, but if you get sick of waiting you can dive into your Ponoko personal factory and build a whole set of Esper inspired auto-dominoes for yourself.

The dominoes we know and love first emerged from China almost a thousand years ago. With wireless communication, accelerometers and other digital technologies now able to fit inside… the stage is set for these clickety little tiles to well and truly enter the 21st century.

Via Engadget

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