Top Interviews, Thoughts & Opinions on the Future of DIY Design

Best of the Blog 2010 — interviews; thoughts + opinions

For our first annual Best of the Blog series, we’ve featured digitally fabricated design eye-candy, awesome materials to spark your creativity, resources like tools, apps, and tutorials, and a lot more.

To close out our 2010 Best of the Blog, here is a round-up of the top interviews, thoughts and opinions on the future of DIY design.

This top ten list provides you with an overview of the rapidly changing landscape of people and their relationship to products.

It also touches on the big debates going on in the maker community: Do digitally fabricated goods deserve to be called “handmade”? And is it true that one day every home will have a desktop 3D printer?

And finally, a look at what the future of making holds beyond the 3D printing craze.

#10 Surveying the DIY Community

Six different DIY communities were surveyed to get a better understanding of what inspires DIYers, why they like to make stuff, and what’s so important about community to them.

#9 Six Types of Mass-Customization

The term “customized” gets thrown around a lot, whether it’s a product you can design from the bottom up, a modular configuration, or simply just available in a lot of colors and sizes.

Writer Joseph Flaherty updates author Joseph Pines’ break down of the six types of mass-customization, providing modern-day examples of each.

#8 IDSA Conference Highlights from DIY Design: Threat or Opportunity?

Ponoko’s industrial designer Dan Emery provides some highlights from 2010’s IDSA Conference which featured speakers from all over the world to talk about the implications of the DIY design movement.

#7 Open Design, Social Media, and Rapid Manufacturing

Presented at Social Media Week 2010 in Berlin, Delivered in Beta is a short video of thoughts and opinions on the rise of collaboration.

#6 Missing the Point: Handmade vs Digitally Fabricated

Yours truly takes on the handmade vs digifab skirmish.

#5 Interview with Bre Pettis of MakerBot, Thingiverse, and NYC Resistor

Sometimes I wonder if this whole digital fabrication thing — the blogs, the tweets, the coils of ABS, even the smell of lasercut felt — is actually taking place entirely inside the head of Bre Pettis.

I wouldn’t rule it out; he does some pretty incredible stuff.

#4 In Praise of Design Hacking

Scott Burnham tells us why some types of hacking are a good thing.

#3 Product Designs on Pirate Bay

When music and movies became widely available in digital formats, there arose sites for the free sharing of that digital content.

These private torrent trackers have caused the media industries (and I’ll just say this bluntly) to completely freak out.

So now that we are seeing physical objects available in digital formats, it’s only a matter of time before you can download a pricey, designer chair or leech some limited edition ceramics off the Internet.

How will the design industry handle it?!

#2 The “Will 3D Printing Go Mainstream?” Debate

This is always a fun one. Will every home one day have a 3D printer?
Some say yes. Some say no. Some say not in this lifetime. What say you?

#1 Get Ready for Voxel Fabbing

3D printing? That’s so five minutes ago dot com.
Voxel fabbing and rapid assemblers are the new tech in town.

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