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Lucky week 13 and I back collecting this week’s post from The Laser Cutter!

Above is some laser cut art works from Molly M Designs at Session Art and Design

After the jump: aluminum, Pakistan, Mexico and Australia; The Big Apple, foam, a book, and NLC Design #2.

Above is a laser cut and powder coated aluminum table by Jason Champion.

Above are some diagrammatic mappings of Pakistan, Mexico and Australia from Natalia Ludmila illustrating their given land area, forests, and deforestation.

Above is Big Apple of laser cut metal from Eden Fine Art Gallery.

Above is a curve laser cut from 5cm foam Mark Plaga.

Above is a book cover laser etched by Joe Stratton.

Above is a laser cut aluminum coffee table Andreas Hopf.

Above is NLC Design #2: Kowloon City. Kowloon City was an apartment city in Hong Kong – the above section was done before its demolition in 1993…

Thanks for the feature Sam!

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