Quadrocopters Team Up

Autonomous builders bring us one step closer to robot domination

University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab is scaring the hell out of futurephobes with their latest autonomous quadrocopter demonstration.

Programmed to assemble rudimentary structures, these flying robots are now able to group together and work in a team. Should we be worried?
Is that an innocent scaffold, or is the groundwork being laid for a human containment cell…

Click through for a mesmerising video as they buzz about in automated, co-ordinated precision.

With the engineers at GRASP continuing to push the boundaries of this technology further, perhaps there is still hope for mankind.

You too can have a hand in stopping (or starting?) the inevitable robot uprising. Take the lead from Greg Lehman and his DIY wooden quadrocopter, and fire up your Ponoko making hub before it’s too late.

Via Engadget

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