the Magic Box project — Customizable Parametric Designs

Magic Box is an on-going, open source project for creating parametric designs developed by Eindhoven based Studio:Ludens.

Templates made with Magic Box can be shared and their flexible properties allow the designs to be customized. The video below gives you an idea of the project and glimpse at the interface.

Introduction to Magic Box from Studio Ludens on Vimeo.

Studio:Ludens is looking for people interested in expanding the Magic Box project.

They need people to port Magic Box to HTML5 & Canvas, so it only uses web standards. They’re also looking for people who want to “write documentation, create designs, test designs, promote the idea and get us coffee. Any help is welcome, really.”

You can take a look at the code for the Magic BoxEditor and Viewer, which is available on Google Codeunder the MIT license.

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