Lasercut Replica Times Square NYE Ball

the real party is in Ohio

Gallagher, a Carnegie Mellon undergrad from Centerville, Ohio, made the channel 2 local news today with his one-sixth scale replica of the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square.

Gallagher’s version is constructed from 75 lasercut acrylic triangles and 86 LEDs. The ball is suspended 25 feet over the roof of his parents’ house and controlled with a DIY electronic pulley system.

The project is part of an on-going DIY NYE celebration hobby for Gallagher who happens to be majoring in technical theatre.

We know all of you makers and geeks would way rather party with a teenage Mellon head than scream at the cameras in Times Square, so don’t miss the live broadcast of Gallagher’s own midnight ball drop on New Year’s Eve. (Remember, Ohio is central eastern time folks… thanks gret)

via WDTN

More pics after the jump!

actually, ohio is eastern time. 😛

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