Morphed Bracelet

Ponoko Product Of The Week

With Ponoko’s Personal Factory 4 now offering 3d printing services, things are becoming more and more interesting in the Ponoko Showroom.

This week we feature the Morphed Bracelet from design duo Nervous.
The organic cell-like structure is becoming a bit of a signature element for Jesse and Jessica, whose respective backgrounds in Mathematics and Biology (amongst other things) places them uniquely qualified to incorporate nature-inspired patterns into their eye-catching jewellery designs.

Available from the Ponoko Showroom in 3d printed Stainless Steel, the $120 Morphed Bracelet is a unique design that is sure to complement your own wrist’s angles, curves and indeed cells.

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Let me get this: they 3-d printed a design in plastic or wax and did a lost wax mold to make this in stainless steel?

You can or cannot make dies for steel molds directly?


Hi Rudie,
The bracelet is directly printed in steel. There is no wax mold. Check out this post on our 3D printed materials (and scroll down to Stainless Steel) for a little more on how it works:

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