Christmas Ornaments from a Lasercutting Newbie

windmills for the tree

For those of you who’ve had an idea in the back of your head for something you’d like to make, but you’ve never tried making a design for lasercutting — you’re not alone.

Brian Lutz, a 32 year old resident of Washington state who works in tech, wanted to make some Christmas ornaments for his family’s annual holiday ornament exchange.

A total lasercut design newbie, Lutz took the dive into making a lasercut design for the first time and shared his learning process on his blog, The Sledgehammer (which I came across in my Google alerts for “lasercut”).

He uses Inkscape for the first time to design a windmill ornament, “an ongoing inside joke”, and took his files to his local maker space for production. It’s a good read for anyone who’s new to this whole “personal factory” business. : )

And with the holidays (read: vacation time!) coming up, there’s no better time to join the maker movement.

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