Open Science Equipment and a Magazine for the Scientist in Us All

The Citizen Science Quarterly

When Jacob Shiach got involved with DIYBio, an organization that makes biology accessible to amateurs, he was inspired to start a resource for all citizen scientists.

Last month Shiach started The Citizen Science Quartlery online with a group of volunteer writers, and there’s currently a KickStarter project to get the magazine in print.

The CSQ is also calling for design ideas for Open Science Equipment.

They’re looking for science equipment that can be made using Ponoko’s making system and SparkFun electronics.

The winner will receive a $50 Making Voucher from Ponoko, but the real prize is contributing to citizen science.

To enter, send an email to jacob(at) with everything below:
• Describe your idea so a lay person will understand its use.
• Prove that you are capable of completing your idea e.g. drawings, CADs, Schematics, past work, whatever you think will convince us.
• Must agree to be licensed under at least a CC BY-NC-SA.

The CSQ will pick the best idea on 15 December 2010.

Need some ideas? There’s a discussion going on at the DIYbio Google group.

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