Four ways to win a Unicorn

…even better than magical mythical creatures – it’s the MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter.

Feeling magical? Feeling creative? Feeling like plotting out your wildest fantasies?

Four lucky winners’ dreams are about to come true with a chance to reign in your very own MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter.

All the details you need are over on the MakerBot blog, but here’s an overview of each of the challenges:

Inkscape-to-Makerbot-Gcode Challenge

Goal: Create an open source Inkscape plugin or extension allowing a MakerBot Operator to take a 2D SVG vector-based image and create printable MakerBot Unicorn gcode in one step.

Fill/Tone/Crosshatching Tool Challenge

Goal: Create an open source Inkscape plugin that makes life easier for designers by helping them to generate and manage hatches (one direction), crosshatches (two+ layers of lines), and other line patterns as a means of simulating tones and solid blocks when pen-plotting

Favorite Robots Design Challenge – Single-Pass & Multi-Pass

Goal:  Create a Creative Commons-licensed portrait of a favorite robot (real or imaginary).
One Unicorn will be awarded to a “single-pass” (i.e. single pen) illustration, and one to a “multi-pass” (ie swapping tools for multiple colors) illustration.

The competition judging will take place in a most authentic manner – with all entries to be printed (plotted?) by the very same herd of unicorns that forms the prize pool.

There is a little under a week left until this magical opportunity will vanish. It all wraps up on December 10th, so if you think you’ve got what it takes be sure to head to the competition announcement page where all the juicy details can be found.

As a DIY plotting device, the Unicorn shares much with the steadily growing Eggbot community. This competition should go a long way in streamlining the design process for both Unicorn and Egg.
The winner of each prize will be announced during Botacon 0 on December 11th, where MakerBot’s Matt will also be setting up a Unicorn art gallery featuring entries from the competition.

Via MakerBot Blog

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